When Midway first announced Area 51, no one expected much. Based of the light-gun shooter of the same name, many imagined the first person iteration to be just another generic 'me-too' title in the wake of recent FPS titles.

This is what made Area 51 all that more surprising. Not only is the game good, but it has the opportunity to become the scariest first person shooter on a console. Walking through an abandoned research facility while briefly glimpsing aliens, that is, before they disappear in a flash of light, the atmosphere in Area 51 is unmatched in the console arena. The gameplay is as you'd expect – you get something in your crosshairs, and you shoot it. Graphically the title is quite impressive, utilizing some never-before-used techniques (the specifics of which we were unable to jot down in time).

Though it will no doubt be overshadowed by the other big-name games, Area 51 looks to be worth playing, and will definitely be a sleeper hit come this fall.

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