AGETEC today announced plans to bring the survival horror game KUON to the shores of North America this winter. Developed by the fine folk over at FromSoftware, KUON is drescribed as "a one-of-a-kind weapon and magic based horror game" with "novel gameplay mechanics" and "thought-provoking puzzles."

"We are elated to be working with one of the most talented and imaginative Japanese producers, Atsushi Taniguchi," states Mark Johnson, Vice-President of Marketing for AGETEC. "KUON's presentation, eerie atmosphere, and challenging gameplay differentiates itself from everything else on the market and is, no doubt, an experience players will never forget."

Based on an ancient Japanese horror story, KUON puts the player in the role of multiple characters as they explore a "dark and gruesome castle" in Kyoto during the Heian (794-1192 A.D.) era of Japanese history. As always, unimaginable horrors wait in the shadows. With era-specific weaponry and sound, KUON promises to push gamers to the max as they explore a "nightmarish world of unimaginable psychological horrors."

With such a descriptive press release, KUON has certainly captured our attention. While we're awating more information, feel free to browse the


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