Though EGM reported it

, AGETEC today officially confrimed their plans to bring WILD ARMS Alter code: F to North America this winter.

"We are proud to have been selected as Sony Computer Entertainment's third-party publisher for WILD ARMS Alter code: F and look forward to building a relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment," commented Mark Johnson, Vice President of Marketing for AGETEC. "The artistic style and addictive gameplay will captivate hard-core gamers and casual adventurers alike."

Not just a remake of the first title, WILD ARMS Alter code: F is "a completely renewed and evolved experience with expanded story, system and cutting-edge graphics." With over 60 hours of gameplay and completely new plot twists, WILD ARMS Alter code: F appeals to both new and veteran plays of the WILD ARMS series. We'll have more as the release draws near.

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