Codemasters has done an impressive job of bringing the “DJ” and studio mixing influences to the home market in this music experience. A wide variety of music styles in this release of MTV Music Generator 3 keeps the pace of mixing original songs from Snoop, Carl Cox, Outkast and many more. It also includes several pre-built remixes from those songs that you can tweak and customize even more. The different amounts of musical samples is a very great feature that includes different tones from just about any musical instrument sound that you can think of. With the addition of fades, reverses, stutters, reverbs, delays, distortion, and fillers, the options are endless in creating a custom built remix.

The menus are easy to use and a handy tutorial is there to keep you informed on what is going on with the remixes. There are more advanced options to keep the beat going to what you you want from the track. One feature lets you include an eight second clip of audio; be it a voice or a CD from your collection. The displayed build was at 100% and is expected to ship very soon. So all the features that were showcased at E3 will stay in the game. The Codemasters representative didn’t say anything about whether or not MTV Gen. 3 would include support for the Playstation HDD, which would help in saving more remixes and extending the life of this title. Aspiring DJs and record producers this extensive title clearly is for you. Look for it.

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