Perhaps the quickest racing game of the show, Burnout 3 was a huge hit with the E3 crowd. Criterion Studios has done an amazing job with the third title. It is without a doubt the best looking title in the series, and also ended up being one of the best looking racers on the show floor. Burnout 3 was hypnotically beautiful. The lighting may very well be some of the best the PS2 has ever seen. The reflections on the cars were strikingly good looking. The car models themselves looked very detailed, largely due to the lighting.

The gameplay was intense. Between Outrun 2 and Burnout 3, no other racer compares when talking sense of speed. The controls were straightforward and haven’t been changed from the second. Both analog sticks worked superbly, and overall the controls felt incredibly responsive. The crashes were downright awesome! If I gained a nickel for every time I saw somebody’s jaw drop while playing Burnout 3, I’d probably have about four dollars. That’s 80 jaw drops, for those wondering.

Burnout 3’s online mode was exceptionally fun, as well. The kiosks at Sony’s booth were all linked up and the online ran flawlessly. What’s more is that the framerate never dropped and none of the game’s visuals were sacrificed in order to make up for bandwidth – amazing. We came away extremely impressed after playing Burnout 3. It was one of our main highlights of the show.

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