Dance Dance Revolution Extreme will feature 70 plus songs, with an emphasis on new content. Licensed songs include Planet Rock, Junior Senior's Move Your Feet, and BT's "Somnabulist" Simply Being Loved. The big news, though, is that Extreme supports the EyeToy for some rather enjoyable gameplay modes.

Two EyeToy mini-games were playable in the E3 demo, "Watch Me Dance," which is rather self-explanatory, and "Clean the Screen," wherein vegetation, steam, and various other obstructions continuously appear on screen. Players must wave their arms in order to clear the away the objects. The focus of this mode is to familiarize players with moving their arms in order to create more elaborate dance routines.

Another EyeToy mode creates two new sensors, an on-screen left and right, in conjunction with the dance pad. Thus, players will also be graded on their ability to move their hands as well as their feet, adding some long-requested variety to the Dance Dance Revolution series.

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