After all of the praise TimeSplitters 2 received, a third was pretty much an inevitable happening. It's been nearly a year and a half since the last TimeSplitters, and Electronic Arts and Free Radical Studios are ready to launch the third in the series. Now under EA's wings, TS: Future Perfect is bound to get recognition that Eidos could never provide for the franchise. For starters, the game's single-player mode is still incredible. Usually we feel that an FPS' multiplayer options make or break it as a whole, but TimeSplitters 3 is a game that'd be able to stand on its own with just the single-player (much like Metroid Prime).

The game was a blast to play. The action was constant and very, very enjoyable. Free Radical has designed a bunch of great new maps for TS3, and at this rate, TS3 is shaping up to be the best in the series. Especially since this time around TimeSplitters: Future Perfect will see online gameplay (possibly exclusive to PS2). We expect at least 16 players to be able to compete simultaneously when playing the game online. As far as visuals go, TS3 looked similar to its predecessors, but had the aesthetic touch ups to let you know you were playing a newer game. The framerate, a standard for Free Radical, was flawless. The game moved at a constant 60 frames per second and never chugged below.

After checking TS: Future Perfect out for about 15 minutes, we came away extremely impressed. Free Radical continues to release a quality FPS title, and with online included this time around, the third promises to be the best. Look for it to hit before year's end.

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