Eidos was promoting 25 To Life heavily at E3. There was about a dozen people giving out fact cards about the game, t-shirts and etc. Usually, when a company tries to push a game as desperately as Eidos was pushing 25 to Life, then chances are that there's something not right with the game. It didn't surprise me to find out that 25 to Life was one of the most average titles at the show. In the world of mediocrity displayed at E3, Eidos was practically the king.

25 to Life not only looked terribly simple, but its concept was monotonous and very derivative. Playing the game felt as if I was playing a cops and robbers version of Socom. But instead of being set in some arctic locale or a jungle locale, I found myself in a ghetto…playing as an African-American gangster. I speak for myself, when I say I was pretty much revolted. Not only did I find 25 to Life to be one the worst games of the show, but I also found it as one of the blandest and downright unncessary games. In addition to all of that, 25 to Life doesn't even look good. The framerate didn't seem to be up to snuff and the overall look of the game reminded me of the blandness found in Urban Chaos — which is not a good thing. 25 to Life is definitely not a game to look forward to. It was one of the weakest titles of the show.

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