There’s no doubt about it, Sony’s entry into the platform genre was pretty big. The original Jak and Daxter really catapulted Sony into a genre that Nintendo and Sega were once kings of. After finding themselves in an alternate world last year, Jak and Daxter return for a third game. Jak III seemed to be at a pretty good development stage. The early build didn’t show any signs of poor coding and it ran smoothly throughout the whole time.

Those who enjoy the Jak series tremendously will enjoy Jak III. While the game is pretty much more of the same, it’s a formula that’s proven to be successful, so apparently Sony doesn’t feel the need to change it. The action has gotten about as close to Ratchet & Clank as possible; the only thing left to do is fuse both titles together into one game. Visually, Jak III looked great. Though, no visual upgrades seem to have been made, the game retains its progressive scan capability.

Sony’s hoping to launch the third Jak title later in the Fall.

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