Upon returning from his "journey of discovery," Jack Skellington finds Halloween Town deserted. An announcement is made through the town's PA system by none other than Oogie Boogie, long thought to be "truly" dead. Apparently he returned in Jack’s absence, assumed the role of Pumpkin King and renaming the town "Oogie Town." Just then, a set of Oogie's minions appear in the town square, facing off against Jack. Using a green whip-like device (assumed to be obtained during the journey), you can either whip the enemies or throw them into the air.

The second mission consists of a boss fight with Oogie Boogie. No longer is Oogie made of bugs, but rather dark energy. As an awesome homage to the movies, Jack and Oogie recite a slightly-altered version of Oogie's song, complete with ghosts singing the chorus. After his defeat, Oogie sinks through the floor, waving to Jack, promising that they'll meet again.

Talking to a Capcom rep, they revealed that the current plan is to have Danny Elfman, who composed the movie, also provide some new material for the game. As it stands, various excerpts from the original soundtrack appear in the title.

Graphically the title looks quite impressive, closely resembling the look of the film. The only blemish thus far is that Jack walks rather slowly, which tends to make the non-combat portions rather dull.

Later in the game, you'll travel to Christmas Town, among other locations. You are also be able to change into Santa and Pumpkin King costumes at any time, each with their own abilities. Set for a release this October, The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie Boogie's Revenge looks to be a solid title for fans of the film.

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