While Namco's booth features high-profile games such as Death by Degrees and SRS, tucked away in a corner is Katamari Damacy, the quirky rolling game we

a few weeks back. Taking up four kiosks, the title has certainly received its share of commotion.

The whole point of Katamari Damacy is to roll the largest ball. The demo gives you 3 minutes to make a ball that is 1.5 Meters in diameter. You first begin by rolling up small objects, such as alarm clocks and flower beds, and eventually it becomes large enough to include animals, cars, and even people. The ball can become so large, in fact, that later stages allow you to roll up clouds and accompanying gods.

Simply put, Katamari is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Controls are simple, and the graphics, while not mind-blowing, certainly get the job done. The soundtrack is another area where Katamari shines, with infectious tunes that get stuck in your head for days.

We spoke with Ross Borden, Senior Marketing Manager of Namco Hometek Inc. He confirmed that the title is "almost certain" for a domestic release this fall, though it's too early to determine what, if anything, will be changed in the localization.

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