After 5 years of demand, Namco is finally porting Crisis Zone over to a console. Much like their previous ports, Crisis Zone will be ported over to the PS2 and will be released under the Time Crisis franchise. Time Crisis: Crisis Zone will be a direct port of the arcade Crisis Zone, and the double GunCon feature will make its appearance — rejoice! The visuals have been improved and are comparable to Time Crisis 3, so don't worry, you won't be getting stuck with dated visuals.

There's not much to explain when talking about a lightgun game. It plays just like Time Crisis or pretty much any other action based lightgun game out there. Your character is set on a pre-determined path, and you must guide him through it by taking out as many enemies as you can. You can use the environments around you to duck and take cover, just as you could in Time Crisis. Everything about Crisis Zone looked safe and sound. Lightgun fans will be very happy with Time Crisis: Crisis Zone when it hits later this year.

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