Showing off, not one, but two side-scrollers, Capcom displayed their recently announced Viewtiful Joe 2 for Playstation 2, in addition to the port of the original. It's tough to say anything new about the sequel, as it plays so much like the original. The game is more of the same, with perhaps just a bit less challenge than Joe 1 (not much, but just a bit). Both the PS2 version and GameCube version of Joe 2 looked great. The differences were practically non-existent. The graphics on the sequel seemed to look a bit more crisp than the previous one, nothing instantly noticeable, though. The framerate stayed stable all of the times, and that's a pretty significant factor for the series.

Just like the first, the game is user friendly. The controls are easily accessible and don't take much time to get adjusted to. Even though I mentioned a slight decrease in challenge, we still found ourselves stressing out on occasion, until it came time for us to put the controller down and move on. Just like the original, Joe runs way too slow. His feet seem to move quick, but alas, Joe's running at a crawling pace. We're really hoping that Capcom speeds Joe 2 up before the release in October.

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