Capcom's booth was viewtifully filled with Joe. Capcom showed off the recently announced Viewtiful Joe for Playstation 2. The differences between the PS2 version and GC version were rather negligible, aside from the fact that Dante is a playable character in the PS2 version. Visually, both games look pretty much identical, with perhaps a slight texture edge for the GC version. The framerate was consistently smooth and the PS2 had no problem handling any of Joe's difficult visual tasks.

The gameplay has remained absolutely the same. The controls are pretty easy to get a hold of, so the game's pick up and play factor is pretty high. Still, Joe remains a challenging side-scroller that'll definitely get people pulling hairs. Its flashiness is extremely attractive and there's no denying that; but underneath it lies a game that's full of fun and challenge. A complaint still stands with me, though: Joe doesn't run fast enough. Even though it's doubtful, we hope to see Capcom speed Joe up just a bit.

Look for Viewtiful Joe to hit the PS2 later this year.

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