Another game marking its second E3 appearance, Gradius V is the elusive shooter that continuously misses its release dates. Fans of the Gradius series have been eagerly waiting to get a taste of the game, but they'll have to wait until September to play it. Gradius V played pretty much the same as it did last year. On the floor, it was perhaps the best shooter, and also one of the hardest. We played both single-player sessions and co-op matches and had an incredible amount of fun — more so than with most other multiplayer games.

The visuals that the game had going on displayed tons and tons of eye-candy. The explosions, the enemy fire, special weaponry, and etc. were all really good looking. The game itself was incredibly pleasing to look at. The picture was very sharp, crisp and smooth. The amount of detail packed into every boss was really impressive too; Gradius V definitely has some of the coolest looking bosses. Despite its challenging gameplay, Gradius V still has pick up and play gameplay. The controls were very user friendly and didn't require any 'get used' to time. Hopefully, Gradius V sees its September release and is welcomed with open arms. We urge fans to keep a look out for this one.

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