It’s no secret that the original Sly Cooper has garnered a rather strong cult following ever since its release in 2002. A sequel seemed like a really bleak happening, but lo’ and behold, Sony delivers the goods. Showing off Sly 2 on a whole bunch of kiosks, Sony seems to be focused on shining more light onto the platformer. Sly 2 played very similarly to the first, but the sequel allows gamers to play with various other characters excluding Sly. Each character has unique attributes, and will of course come in handy for specific events of the game.

Visually, Sly 2 looks gorgeous. The fantastic art style returns in its full cel-shaded glory. The framerate was very smooth and stable, just like the first. The animation and environmental physics, which were much talked about before the first came out, return and have seen some tweaking here and there. The gameplay itself is a blast. Sly 2 is arguably the best platform title on the floor, and that’s including Jak III and Ratchet 3.

We’re hoping to see Sly 2 released sometime around Fall time. We urge you to look forward to it.

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