Displaying Nina Williams’ (of Tekken fame) game at their booth and at Sony’s, we had a chance to go hands on and see how well Death by Degrees is coming along. To be frank, our first impressions of the game aren’t too hot. The fighting was ridiculously redundant, creating an overall monotonous gaming experience. Visually, the game looks decent. It’s definitely not on par with the likes of Devil May Cry 3 or other games from the same genre, but it’s not ugly.

To be perfectly honest, Death by Degrees isn’t showing any potential at the moment. It’s missing inspiration and it’s far too broken to be enjoyable. Perhaps the game’s biggest drawback is Namco’s idea for creating a single-player character starring one of the most boring Tekken characters. Namco could’ve, instead, developed a title revolving around Jin Kazama or even Eddy Gordo, but I digress…Death by Degrees will only shine if its blatantly mediocre traits are rid of and replaced with something more stylish and inspired. Namco doesn’t seem to be treating the game with the care they usually put into the Tekken franchise. Hopefully I’m wrong and Death by Degrees does a 180-spin as development on it continues. But if it doesn’t, then it’s not a game to look forward to

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