Two years after it debuted in playable form at E3 2002, Sony’s sequel to The Getaway is being displayed as well. We went hands-on with the game, and weren’t dissatisfied. People who enjoyed the original will definitely enjoy the sequel. The game controlled pretty much identically to the first, so it was very easy to get into it. Visually, it doesn’t look like Sony has done much their, but they really didn’t need to. The most important visual aspect (the frame rate) was fixed and it makes Black Monday more enjoyable to play than the original.

If you ever played the original, you may remember that the city wasn’t fully re-created – there were borders preventing you from venturing further out. The Getaway: Black Monday will offer a larger London to drive around in. As well as more weapons, more cars and three characters to choose from. Instead of two characters to choose from, the sequel now offers three. And unlike the previous, each character is unique, in that each one possess abilities distinctive to him or her. Superbly written dialogue and terrific voice acting will accompany Black Monday, just as most expected.

Look for The Getaway: Black Monday to hit stores later this year.

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