Having been touted as the game that will triumphantly enter Sony into the first person genre, Killzone was fully playable at the show. First thing’s first: Killzone is not a Halo killer. The game’s have very little in common, other than the fact that they’re part of the same the genre. That said, Killzone is a very stunning looking title. Everything on the screen looked very smooth, so there wasn’t much aliasing issues to be found. The draw-in distance is pretty good based on the two levels we played. The swampy level had dense fog further down; meanwhile the more industrial level looked clean.

The controls are that of your standard FPS fare. Though an option to adjust sensitivity is an absolute must, as aiming the weapon felt a bit like a chore. The framerate didn’t take any dives at any time, which is surprising for an FPS game that is still in somewhat early stages. The action was pretty powerful and a lot of fun. The online matches we played showed a lot of potential. What Guerilla needs to do is balance out of the weaponry and make shots more damaging. As it stands now, Killzone is not only looking great visually, but it’s got a ton of potential to be one of the better playing FPS releases for 2004. Look for Killzone sometime near the end of the year.

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