Capcom’s ambitious action/adventure game was on display
in full force. Monster Hunter looked downright fantastic. The character detail
was spectacular. The monsters themselves were superbly detailed, arguably some
of the best on the PS2. The detail on the human characters was up there with
detail, too. The animation was smooth and the framerate was very stable. The
environment detail was downright amazing. The draw in-distance was vast, and the
overall scenery looked rather stunning.

The action is completely real time. You engage any enemy
you see and fight with it right away. There are no delays between attacks; it’s
all action. The fighting is controlled with the right analog stick — something
I rarely approve of — but it seemed to work well with Monster Hunter. Though it
may seem somewhat complex, Monster Hunter was surprisingly easy to pick up and
play. What’s great about Monster Hunter is that it’ll be online compatible.
You’ll be able to play up to four players, and based on what we played today,
the online mode should be incredibly fun.

Look for Monster Hunter to hit sometime before the end of
the year.

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