The pioneers at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that they'll be bringing the EyeToy to the online arena with the upcoming EyeToy: Chat. By utilizing the EyeToy and PlayStation 2 Network Adapter, Chat will allow you to hop online and converse with others in a variety of methods. Text chat (via USB Keyboard) supports up to 256 people per room, while using the USB Headset in a voice room allows up to 16 participants. Of course, you'll also be able to use the EyeToy for direct video chat.

Of course, EyeToy: Chat wouldn't be complete without some kind of actual gameplay. You'll be able to compete in chess, checkers, and Naval War with a fellow video chatter. If that wasn't enough, the title also allows you to send video messages to members of your friends list.

But what's to stop someone from engaging in obscene behavior over EyeToy: Chat? Sony has been working with various children's charities to gurantee the safety of young children. Chat users will be required to register and verify their details at PlayStation Net, and various safety measures (including chat moderators) will be in place upon release.

EyeToy: Chat has yet to be announced for a North American release, but it will be shown at the upcoming E3 trade show. Expect more details, including a potential release date, later next week.

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