Originally planned as the first chapter in a trilogy, the Mark of Kri was released quietly in the summer of 2002. A sequel to has been rumored for some time, but many feared it wouldn't happen due to the title's commercial failure. We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of GMR, just reaching subscribers, confirms that a sequel is in development under the name Rise of the Kisai.

Taking place 10 years after Mark of Kri, Kisai begins with the demise of Rau, the main character from Kri. The game takes place in a backwards narrative, going through the major events of Rau's life that led to his death. At points, you will also take control of Rau's sister, Tati.

With at least two playable characters, one begins to question the possibility of multiplayer. It seems Sony is one step ahead of you, as the current plan is to include a co-operative online multiplayer mode.

Rise of the Kisai will be on display at the upcoming E3. Check back next week for more details on this highly anticipated title.

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