A new Final Fantasy XII trailer is featured in the June issue of Famitsu Wave DVD. The trailer, a mixture of art, cinematics, and actual gameplay, reveals a few new details regarding the game.

Perhaps the biggest news is that combat and exploration appear to share the game graphical engine and interface. That is, when you encounter an enemy, the game won't have to load a new engine for battle. This is the first time a traditional Final Fantasy title has utilized this technique, though it was used in Vagrant Story. The battle system appears to be an evolution of the system featured in FFX. Furthermore, your entire party appears on screen at all times, even during exploration.

Animation has also been improved, and is now more fluid and lifelike. The graphics are simply gorgeous, with little details strewn about, such as sand falling from the ceiling.

We'll have more details on FFXII during our E3 coverage.

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