Capcom of Japan has announced Okami, the latest title from the newly formed Clover Studio. Made up mostly of the staff from Viewtiful Joe, Clover Studio is currently working on this title and Viewtiful Joe 2.

A PlayStation 2 exclusive, Okami throws you into a world almost completely devoid of color. As Amaterasu, players defeat monsters in order to restore the world to its colored state. Amaterasu is a deity, and as such his power is derived from the faith people put in him. The more successful he is on his quest, the more faith people will have in him. Alternatively, Amaterasu can also fulfill people's wishes to obtain faith.

Much like Viewtiful Joe, Okami sports a very unique appearance. The game is cel-shaded in a very traditional Japanese style. Capcom has stated this is not a gimmick, but rather a device meant to relax players while they enjoy the game.

The release date for Okami has yet to be announced. As yet, there is no word on a potential North American release. We'll keep you updated if we hear anything.

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