Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, the latest title in the Test Drive series, is coming your way this fall from Atari. "Test Drive: Eve of Destruction captures the heart and soul of what gamers want in an action-racing game–speed, thrills and hair-raising crashes," said Nancy MacIntyre, vice president of marketing for Atari's Beverly Studios. "Monster Games, the developer of NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona, has done a great job translating their realistic racing physics to this brand-new evolution of the popular Test Drive brand."

With 30 customizable vehicles, you may first blow off Test Drive: Eve of Destruction as "just another racer." That would be a grave understatement. Eve of Destruction offers 25 events for players to compete in, including demolition derby, trailer racing, and a survival-esque gauntlet mode, wherein the player must complete laps whilst other drivers try to prevent you from doing so. The title also supports four player split screen, allowing players to go head to head.

With a wide variety of gametypes, Test Drive: Eve of Destruction certainly has a lot of potential. With a release scheduled for this fall, it certainly gives the development team a lot of time to work on the various game modes. We'll keep you updated.

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