Ben is away so I hope nobody minds if I play around a little in his absence. 🙂

Let's kick the weekend off a little early with some Final Fantasy nostalgia. With the server problems for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn causing some snafus, impatience for a release date on the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD entries, and some nervousness surrounding Lightning Returns I think the fans could use some cheering up.

Maybe I'm alone but interesting history always cheers me up. The hardcore may already know about this but somehow it escaped even me until a few days ago. What is this? It's a demo disc from Square Enix's previous, arguably better iteration, Squaresoft from way back in 1995 at the SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques) conference.

Titled Square’s Preview Extra: Final Fantasy VII & Siggraph ’95 Works , the demo was only available in Japan and so escaped a lot of western eyes. It features a playable demo of Final Fantasy VII , which interestingly enough has Aeris/Aerith as a member of your party at the very beginning, and a CG movie for a 3D version of Final Fantasy VI . It shows Locke, Tara, and Shadow battling a stone golem and even enlisting the power of a Bahamut summon.

Final Fantasy VI was a pretty huge game though, and it might not have been a full remake. At the end credits the title reads Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game . Now that would have been an interesting piece of software had it come to fruition.