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PS Plus Essential Game Value Has Been Calculated

The total value of the PlayStation Plus Essential free games has been calculated based on the base prices and minimum prices. This month’s lineup held the least value across the board.

Redditor Big-Teddy shared an infographic that calculated the prices of the games alongside sale prices. In contrast, October held the most value for the service this year, with its games racking up $159.97 based on standard prices and $84.47 based on sale prices.

We aren’t totally sure what December will bring, but we do know that Teardown will be among the games given out.

Value of 2023 PS Plus essential games US & EU
byu/Big-Teddy inPlayStationPlus

What do you think? What months were good months for PS Plus Essential, and which ones dropped the ball, in your opinion? Let us know below!

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