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Project Q

Project Q Has A Short Battery Life

It’s sounding like Sony’s reentry into the handheld market isn’t off to a great start. Supposedly, the handheld will have a rather short battery life.

As reported by reputable insider Tom Henderson, the handheld companion to the PS5 will have a meager three to four hours of battery life, making it worse off than the DualSense Elite at six to eight hours.

During the recent PlayStation showcase, among the middling reveals and updates, we got something that caught some people off-guard. Well, caught off guard if you weren’t following an early April leak of a potential PlayStation handheld.

Project Q is the first sort of handheld peripheral that Sony’s made since ditching the Vita back in 2019. Unfortunately, it’s not anything to write home about, all it can really do is be used for Remote Play. We don’t know anything about it outside of what it looks like — no price or concrete release date.

What we do know is it’s supposed to be released sometime this year, which Insider Gaming understands to be in mid to late November.

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Ty Harvey
Ty Harvey
1 year ago

Just give us a Vita 2…

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