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PlayStation’s Live Service Plan Hasn’t Hit The Ground Running

Since the announcement of Jim Ryan’s retirement, reports have surfaced that PlayStation’s plan to push live service games isn’t going as smoothly as hoped. Whilst Sony has promised to continue delivering single-player blockbusters such as the God of War and The Last of Us franchises, there has also been a considerable push for live service games, which, according to insiders, PlayStation is struggling with.

Journalist Jason Schreier’s Bloomberg article, which mainly focuses on Ryan’s departure, reveals that although the PS5 has been a success, the same cannot be said for the shift to live service for some first-party developers. PlayStation has spent the best part of the last 10 years gaining experience in developing cinematic blockbusters, and three of the major PlayStation studios, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, and Insomniac Games, are all working on live service games — some of which are reportedly on the verge of being canceled.

The acquisition of Bungie was when PlayStation opened up about its future with live service games, and it appears to have caused some confusion around the company’s goals and direction.

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What are your thoughts? Would you prefer PlayStation stick to single-player blockbusters? Are you excited by the prospect of live service? Let us know below!

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