Scheduled release date:
March 19, 2013
Team Ninja
Tecmo Koei
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
March 19, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 was another solid entry in the popular series, and perhaps it makes perfect sense to bring all that “bouncy” goodness to the PlayStation Vita. Arriving in March in the form of Dead or Alive 5 Plus , the portable iteration not only boasts cross-platform features, but it’ll also include a new Tutorial Mode and nifty little extras like being able to select your favorite music for each battle. And don’t forget that the Vita is a very capable unit; it should be able to effectively capture all that great color and detail we saw in the PS3 version.

The cross-platform stuff is the most appealing. Developer Team Ninja is going all the way with this feature: If you unlock a character in one version, it’ll be immediately available in the other; if you purchase downloadable content for the game, it’ll be available for both versions. And yes, Vita players will be able to challenge PS3 players and vice versa. Your progress – ala your game save – will also transfer between the two versions, so it should feel like one cohesive experience from top to bottom. Therefore, if you’ve got DoA5 sitting at home for the PS3 already, Plus for the Vita would be a logical addition to your library.