Scheduled release date:
April 2, 2012
Warner Bros. Interactive
NetherRealm Studios
Number Of Players:

Last year’s Mortal Kombat reboot was exactly what the die-hard fans wanted. Those same hardcore followers should also be intrigued by the upcoming PlayStation Vita iteration, which is essentially a port of the PlayStation 3 version with plenty of new portable-specific features. Boasting all four DLC characters (Freddy Krueger, Skarlet, Rain, and Kenshi), extra outfits, new fatalities, and slick touchscreen action, MK on the go should be a complete and rewarding experience.

Developer NetherRealm has already said to expect a fantastic-looking game, as they worked hard to maintain the visual quality of the PS3 version. The frame rate should remain locked in at 60 frames per second and with the graphical power of Sony’s handheld device, we’ll likely receive one of the most impressive portable presentations yet. You can see the game in action thanks to a recent PlayStation Blog video; the sharpness and clarity is beautiful, and the amount of detail is amazing (especially for the handheld realm).