PlayStation Preview Program

The PlayStation Preview Program is giving members an increased party chat size. According to the PlayStation Blog, members of the program are able to host chats as big as 16 members at a time. Normally, users can only have up to eight at a time.

Not just anyone can join a large chat such as that though. Only qualifying members partaking in the program can. However, the code can also be redeemed by 20 qualifying accounts. This means you can share it with your pals to enjoy the feature together.

Party Chat image via PlayStation Blog

PlayStation Preview Program members also have the opportunity to get the Second Screen app and early access to the transcription chat.

In tandem with the Second Screen app, the transcription chat will do as it sounds, turn the chat into text. The transcript can then be read aloud to party members. English is the only compatible language.

If you’re not already signed up for the Preview Program you can do so here. 

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