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PlayStation Portal Is Not A Switch Rival, Sony Reminds

Most everyone who heard of this PlayStation Portal stuff ahead of its official reveal, all felt it was Sony’s attempt to return to the mobile market when in reality, it’s just a PS5 accessory. It’s a niche and cool accessory, but nothing more.

Sony’s Eric Lempel has been doing a fair few interviews over the last month, sharing stuff like Sony’s lofty sales expectations of the holiday season and defending the recent PS+ price hike PlayStation sneakily announced last month. In an interview with BBC, though, he’s put in a position to reiterate that the Portal is a “different proposition” that’s “unique for the PlayStation audience.”

As a reminder, the Portal, which launches in November, allows you to play PS5 games away from your TV, but still have access to Wi-Fi, whereas something like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck allows players to play games natively on the system, a PS5 is required to operate the peripheral. In the same interview, he explained that the Portal is more of something for gamers who want to play their console games while a partner or family member watches TV.

“It’s a different proposition and really just something unique for the PlayStation audience.”

What do you think? Did you even need reminding that the Portal isn’t a Switch killer? Let us know below!

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