Scheduled release date:
Summer 2005

When we first wrote about the PSP version of Namco Museum back in February, we were delighted with the prospect of Namco releasing the 11-game compilation in North America. We got the surprise of our lives in April, when Namco not only announced that the game would be coming stateside this summer, but that the North American version would include ten additional games not featured in the Japanese release.

Let's bold that for posterity…

Ten additional games not featured in the Japanese release.

Now titled Namco Museum Battle Collection, in order to better reflect the game's wi-fi competitive modes, the North American release will include a grand total of 21 individual games.

The arrangement games listed above are based on their classic counterparts, but feature new levels and updated graphics and audio.

Each game will feature a "normal" play mode, a "time/score attack" mode, and a wireless head-to-head mode. The wireless mode, called battle mode, will allow anywhere from 2-to-4 players to compete against one another to see who can get the best scores possible. Bonus wallpapers and cheats will open up as you obtain high scores.

Another interesting aspect of this "new" Namco Museum is its vertical rotate mode, an option that allows the graphics to be displayed in their original arcade aspect ratio by rotating the screen 90 degrees. You'll have to hold the system top-to-bottom to play, and the controls will automatically reconfigure to reflect the new orientation. Sweet.

On top of all of that stuff, Namco Museum Battle Collection will also take advantage of the PSP's game sharing feature. "Game share" mode will allow the person with the Namco Museum disc to beam any of the games included on the disc to another PSP in the local area. The game is then saved to the memory stick and can be played indefinitely until deleted. We're not sure how Namco will prevent people from "giving away" every game on the disc, but we suspect that they'll limit the feature so that only one game can be present on a memory stick at a given time.

Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PSP, which includes ten additional games not featured in the original Japanese release, will go on sale sometime this summer.

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