I spotted Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles sitting unplayed at Konami's booth, and I quickly walked over to it before someone else could. I was a little disappointed to see that we couldn't launch the included Symphony of the Night, but hey Dracula X Chronicles is all about the remake of Rondo of Blood, so it's okay. I can safely say that Rondo of Blood on the PSP is a faithful remake of the PC Engine original.

Aside from the three-dimensional visuals, the game still runs on a two-dimensional plane, so as not to spoil or alter the basic mechanics of the original. The controls, actions, and such are still very much like the original game – so devotees of the PC Engine classic should not have any qualms with this update. The game was strangely addictive, as I couldn't seem to pry myself away from it.

I guess the nostalgic side-scrolling fan in me was awakened, and I'm sure the same will occur with others. I'm especially happy that the new visuals don't ruin the integrity of the original, because the only time the camera angle shifts is when there's a boss fight about to begin. When a boss fight occurs, the camera pans in on the boss to introduce him, but that's it – you never play the game in 3D.

Dracula X Chronicles will feature the Rondo of Blood remake, the PC Engine original, and Symphony of the Night. It should be out in October, so look for it then. 'Vania fans will not be disappointed.

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