Sports games haven't been big hits on the PSP, especially basketball games. Sony's NBA franchise is just one of two basketball franchises available for the PSP. With every rendition improvements continue to be made. Last year's 07 actually came out a pretty decent game, and for 08 Sony is doing their best to improve over the previous formula. NBA 08 will battle it out with NBA Live in hopes of positioning itself as the best basketball sim title for the PSP this year.

From the hands-on time I had with the game, the game didn't really seem too different than NBA 07. The biggest problem I noticed with the game was that the A.I. always seemed to bunch themselves up too close to the net and that quickly became bothersome. The visuals looked decent, but nothing different than last year's game. Likewise, the game still controls mostly the same from what I saw.

The best part of Sony's NBA games continues to be the shot control system. It's still a very much integral part of the game's mechanics, and it remains one of my favorite bits from the franchise. The build I played seemed early, as it only let us play as an All-Star team (east or west), which may explain the weird A.I. Sony is making additional improvements to the game, so if you enjoyed last year's, you'll definitely want to look out for NBA 08.

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