UPDATE: After contacting more than a few GameStops today, we haven't been able to confirm anything regarding a new PSP model. However, we did get a couple managers to say, "we can't comment at this time," which would indicate there is something to talk about, but they're just not at liberty to say. Also, they did say Sony has plans to talk about this topic at E3, so we'll be sure to stay tuned for that.

In the end, all they're aware of is the PS3 price drop and the new 80GB PS3 in August, but as for a redesigned PSP coming soon after E3, we couldn't find anything concrete.

Original Story:

As if the announcement of a cheaper 60GB PS3 and a new 80GB PS3 wasn't enough, it seems another giant piece of news is poised to explode all over the Internet. But remember, the PS3 news is completely official; this is only a rumor…a huge rumor, of course, but still, we have to clarify that this is not officially confirmed.

According to Neogamer.net, an inside retailer source may have leaked something special regarding a revised PSP. It has been one of the biggest and most followed rumors of 2007, and despite all the evidence, Sony has not yet confirmed the existence of a restyled, revamped, or re-designed handheld. The source says he works for a video game retailer, and when checking on their low PSP stock, the Home Office replied with-

"There will be no more issues of the PSP, as we are currently awaiting for restock of a new PSP model.”

Could this be the much-talked about "PSP2?" Or could it simply be a PSP bundle of sorts; one that may include a game or the camera…? Either way, retailers are often the first ones to hear about new hardware versions/models simply because they need the new SKU. We'll try to get some added information ASAP, and update this story with whatever we find out.

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