PSP fans were overjoyed to learn of the announcement of God of War: Chains of Olympus , simply because of the name: the PS2 God of War titles are absolutely the best action games on that platform, and arguably the best of the last generation. Best of all, it first seemed possible we'd see this gigantic PSP title in 2007…but unfortunately, it appears it's not going to make it.

According to the European site, PSPOnly, Ready at Dawn needs more time to prepare the game, so the estimated "end 2007" release date has changed to "begin 2008." There isn't much more to say, but we haven't seen Sony issue an official delay announcement. It seemed like a tough goal to hit in the first place, considering the time frame, but PSP owners and action aficionados were still hoping it was possible. We'll let you know if the developers issue a concrete release date, but it certainly doesn't appear likely it'll show up for 2007.

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