If Virtua Tennis 3 wasn't enough to satisfy your tennis needs on the PSP, well Namco has Smash Court Tennis 3 set for release on July 10th. Namco-Bandai's slightly more realistic approach towards tennis has officially gone gold this week, which means development of the game is complete and ready for mass production. Like Virtua Tennis, Smash Court also features high-profile tennis stars such as the unstoppable Roger Federer and the dominating Maria Sharapova.

In the game you'll be treated to a variety of modes such as Arcade, Exhibition and Pro-Tour. But on top of that you'll also have arcade themed mini-games such as Galaga Tennis and Pac-Man Tennis. There are 16 players in total, and you'll be able to create your own in-depth custom stars as, well. Game sharing is supported, and mutliplayer is limited to Ad-hoc.

Look for Smash Court Tennis 3 to ship on July 10th.

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