Sega has said they have to "reinvent" Sonic, but that doesn't mean he can't still have an impact with a quality game, right? Besides, all those Sonic Rivals fans have been aching for a sequel on the PSP, and Sega wasn't about to disappoint: yesterday, they announced they're currently working on Sonic Rivals 2 , which supposedly "refines the system and adds new modes, characters, and upgraded power-ups."

The Battle mode will let two players race against each other over six different challenges, which should increase the replay value. Sonic's old pal, Tails, has returned to yet another Sonic game, and both flashy characters will have their own set of signature moves. Well, of course they should! Sega is also bringing back the card collecting and trading, as this sequel will boast 150 new cards to unlock, along with new PSP backgrounds and Cup Circuits.

Sonic Rivals 2 is scheduled to release some time this fall.

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