One of the biggest announcements from Square-Enix this year – the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy – was the unveiling of a brand new series installment for the PSP: Final Fantasy Dissidia . It's already highly anticipated by owners of Sony's handheld, even though we really don't have that much information regarding the upcoming title.

However, that's about to change. Tomorrow, Square-Enix will release the very first video of the game at 17:00 in Japan. They showed off this video at the Square-Enix party, but because it was viewed behind closed doors (supposedly), nobody managed to bring it to the masses. Hopefully, it will be very public tomorrow, and despite it being for Japan, it should find its way to the Internet so U.S. gamers can check it out.

Also, we do expect Square-Enix to reveal more details and information on Final Fantasy Dissidia very soon, especially with this video coming out tomorrow. We'll be sure to keep you updated!

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