Namco has revealed that they are hard at work on Dead to Rights: Reckoning" for the PSP. The game promises to deliver the same experience that you'd expect from series, and is planned for release on the PSP in the summer of 2005.

"Dead to Rights: Reckoning accurately translates the adrenaline-soaked combat of best-selling action series, and adds several new features that take advantage of the PSP hardware," said Pierre Roux, Executive Producer at Namco Hometek. "The game's unique ranged and melee fighting engine and stylish disarms are sure to make it one of the most action-packed games on the PSP when it is released this May."

Dead to Rights: Reckoning returns to crime-infested Grant City, as an important informant is kidnapped on the eve of the investigation of a major crime lord. Anticipating the worst if the crime boss is not brought to justice, Jack Slate and his K-9 companion Shadow thrust themselves into hostile gang territory to save the informant and bring peace to the City.

Dead to Rights: Reckoning features a ranged and melee fighting system that allows Jack to spit lead and bust heads, as well as an all-new selection of weapons and lethal disarms. For the first time in the series players will be able to go head to head through wireless multiplayer death matches.