With Sega Rally Revo approaching its release and garnering quite a bit of anticipation, it turns out that Sega's also developing a PSP version of the game too. Sega has announced that a port of Sega Rally Revo will be developed by Bugbear Entertainment and it'll launch this Fall. The PSP version will join the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, all of which are set for a September release.

“The original SEGA Rally is heralded as one of the all time great arcade games and this new installment on the PSP system is a great example of updating a classic perfectly for today’s machines,” said Guy Wilday, Studio Director, SEGA Racing Studio. “With the addition of multiplayer wireless and online multiplayer, there’s scope for players to show off their skills against their friends, whilst the excellent PSP system screen exudes all the visual qualities expected of SEGA Rally Revo.”

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