The saga of the redesigned PSP continues. While the rumors have been swirling for months, some sources have claimed the revamping of Sony's portable is "official." We've even seen plenty of details regarding the project, but despite it all, Sony has not come forward and made any official announcements or confirmations. One of the major rumors they'd like to shoot down? That very hot rumor that states the PSP will soon have phone functionality.

Sony's new official PlayStation blog has thrown up a "MythBusting" post regarding the PSP/phone fiasco, and John Koller, Senior Marketing Manager of the PSP, had this to say:

"The rumor mill is flowing about new PSP hardware and a PSP phone, and I just wanted to take the time to clear the air. We haven't announced anything about a new PSP, much less one that would have any phone capabilities. As SCEA’s resident PSP guru, I’m thrilled to hear that there’s so much interest in the platform, but sorry folks, these reports floating around fall into the rumors/speculation category."

Well, that's that. And notice he said "we haven't announced anything about a new PSP." But we still assume we'll see the official unveiling of the newly redesigned PSP (sans the phone feature) at E3. How's about commenting on that, John? Pretty please?

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