Sometimes, it helps to be part of the PlayStation Underground. You know, you might get dibs on things like the Warhawk beta, and you occasionally get some early info regarding blockbuster titles. For example, it seems the God of War: Chains of Olympus demo we've been hearing so much about finally has a release date…well, kind of.

The demo will be arriving some time this September, so PSP owners can start salivating right now. Remember, this is a brand new adventure for Kratos, and it's exclusive to Sony's portable. And of course, the announcement included the requisite promise of "more information" over the next few months, which we fully expect to receive. This is going to be one huge game for the PSP, so we'll make sure to bring you any new details as soon as they become available.

And when we get our hands on that demo, expect to see some impressions, too!

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