Massively multiplayer online games are generally limited to powerful platforms that can handle both giant environments and a huge number of players online at once. Would you count the PSP among that group? Well, Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics producer, Lawrence Liberty, does.

During an exclusive interview with Eurogamer , he said the only thing stopping MMOs from being succuessful on Sony's handheld was a "potential lack of audience."

"There could be an MMO made for the PSP," said Liberty. "Even if it relied on a sizeable Memory Stick, the machine has the basic components to field an MMO. It could certainly handle something like EverQuest Online Adventures [PS2 MMO]. This begs the question, would there be a market for a PSP MMO?"

Obviously, the game he's producing is somewhat similar – in concept – to MMOs, and further talked about the comparison between traditional RPGs and MMOs. He believes that just because one is getting more and more popular, that won't negatively impact the other.

"I think there is room enough for both genres to thrive. The continued success of Final Fantasy is testament to that. The gaming market continues to expand, so I don't view the RPG market as fixed," he continued.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics is slated to release for the PSP this September, but when can we expect to see the first MMO? Heck, if other developers take Libterty's words to heart, it might be right around the corner. And that would be another revolutionary step for portable game systems.

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