If you live in Japan and you're a GTA fan, you're frequently frustrated. Why? Because for whatever reason, it takes a while for certain installments to get over there, and the PSP hit, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is no exception. The game is finally set for release on July 26 in Japan…and no, we're not talking about the sequel.

This is two years late; GTA: LCS released in the U.S. way back in 2005, but we suppose late is better than never. Capcom is always the publisher for the GTA titles over in Japan, and they apparently don't have the games high on their priority list. That's very weird, though, considering the Grand Theft Auto series is plenty popular over there. Let's hope Japanese gamers will be getting Grand Theft Auto IV a little sooner; waiting until 2009 would be downright unacceptable.

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