This is an interesting change of pace for the PSP. No, it's not that much-rumored structural overhaul everyone's been talking about; it's something else entirely. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and BT have just recently signed a deal that will ultimately transform Sony's portable gaming machine into a mobile communications device. They'll accomplish this by incorporating wireless broadband fuctions into the handheld. Yes, that's right, the PSP will also be a phone .

It's a four-year deal, and once the process is complete, owners will be able to make video calls, voice calls, and send messages online from home or BT wireless hotspots. Furthermore, it'll be an ultra-fancy phone because it can utilize the PSP's camera (soon to be released), so y'all can imagine the possibilities there. Initially, this service will be promoted in the UK.

“The opportunity to combine our market leading expertise with BT’s knowledge in communications opens up many possibilities and we look forward to bringing many exciting communication functions to PSP fans,” said David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

We're not sure how Americans would react to such a service, but we assume you Europeans have a reason to do this. Perhaps you're just not happy with your cell phones, and you want something that has a little more size and a little more capability. Well, okay. It's a damn interesting idea, either way.

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