Those of you who picked up Burnout Dominator for the PSP may have been wondering when EA would utilize that HQ option on the main menu. Well, wonder no longer: Carnival City, a brand new track, can now be downloaded for free. Simply go into the HQ menu, select Download Tracks, and get to it; you'll be racing around a fresh new road in no time.

If you're not lucky enough to have Wi-Fi with your PSP, you should be able to download the track through the PC, although that feature may not yet be available. The option is there, but so far, we haven't been able to confirm if it works…let's hope it does, for the sake of all you technologically-challenged PSP users out there (no offense intended, of course).

The track itself is playable in the Record Breaker and multiplayer modes, but is not included in the single-player career mode. Multiplayer, huh? Now that's good news for fans of the game who just adore the fast-paced multiplayer fun; it's a major appeal of Dominator !

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