Syphon Filter first debuted on the PS1 and has had five total installments in the series over the past ten years. Now, a sixth title, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow , has been confirmed for the PSP. It should arrive some time this fall, and will boast all kinds of new features: underwater combat, a new duck-and-cover system, Havok physics, and a "contextual combat system" that opens the door to original melee attacks like neck breaks and knife maneuvers. Yes, we did say Havoc physics, and yes, the PSP is a handheld. How sweet is that?

Obviously, Logan is the main character in this one, and he's going to tour the world in an effort to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his partner, Lian Xing. On the surface, it appears the story will be a major focal point of this new installment, especially when we realized comic book writer Greg Rucka penned the plot. And that's always a good idea: games like this never have the same panache without a solid storyline…so says Metal Gear Solid .

More details are sure to show up in the coming months, and we'll be on the lookout. For now, it looks like the PSP is getting another must-have game; that could be a reasonable prediction, considering the last Syphon Filter for the handheld was just plain fantastic.

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